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Dissemination and awarennes raising

Nopoor allocates substantial resources to dissemination. Emphasis is placed on innovative dissemination strategies to reach policymakers in EU and non-EU countries and other stakeholders. We respond to different needs dictated by the regional and geopolitical situation. Many partners (IRD, CRES, IfW, OIKODROM, ITESM-EGAP, CNRS, etc.) already have a broad-based dissemination strategy with free access to working papers, workshops, public conferences, policy briefs, radio and TV broadcasts, daily press and periodicals. 


The approach taken here includes:

  • A final policy working group seminar to develop a policy and dissemination document design tool and define a set of policy recommendations to be presented to policymakers and other stakeholders at the conferences.
  • A mid-term conference attended by national and international policymakers in a Southern country in March 2015 for a mid-term evaluation of Nopoor results.
  • Policy briefs and policy briefings
  • Actions targeting the different media (newspapers, radios, TVs).
  • Local dissemination seminars with volunteer partners in Southern countries, held jointly with stakeholder seminars.
  • A Nopoor documentary film has also been chosen as a vehicle to disseminate results.
  • A final conference will discuss a cogent summary of the project’s main findings and an assessment of Nopoor’s policy implications. It will be attended by consortium partners, third-party discussants, EU representatives and policymakers.
  • Completion and publication of the Final Summary Report, factoring in the conclusions of the final conference.