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NOPOOR Final Conference

06 June 2017 to 07 June 2017
Rue d'Egmont - Egmontstraat, n°11
BE1000 Bruxelles

After five years of comprehensive research on different aspects concerning poverty, the NOPOOR project held its final conference on June 6-7, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

Scientific researchers from 15 countries shared their outputs with discussants from the FAO, UNCTAD, different Directorate Generals and other institutions, and the audience. It was a unique academic and political event as we discussed together with policy makers the impact of our scientific results in the fields of international trade, aid and finance, local governance in poor areas, and anti-poverty policies. 

The NOPOOR conference announcement was published on the Social Science and Humanities Research and Innovation webspace of the European Commission

Find here below the programme of these two days, the topics and papers discussed, the press announcement, a short description of the speakers and discussants, and last but not least, conclusions and reflections of the NOPOOR final conference. 

Please find below the conference presentations of our researchers by topics:

Topic 1: International trade, Aid and Finance

Topic 2: Local Governance in Poor Areas

Topic 3: Anti-Poverty Policies