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NOPOOR mid-term conference, 20 November 2014, Brussels

20 November 2014
building J
rue Joseph II, 54 Metro station Arts Loi

The NOPOOR project will be evaluated at mid-term by the European Commission (DG RTD) on 20th November 2014. The Consortium will have to emphasise the extent to which the work done tends towards achieving the objectives written in the DoW (description of work). With this occasion, several scientific programmes will be presented to the audience, in order to expose the current state of the research. NOPOOR project addresses poverty through new lens and multiple angles. Seven main topics discuss the multidimensionality of poverty: concepts and measurement, international aid, impact of globalisation, labour market and informal sector, education and social policies, role of the state  and scenarios for the future. After more than two years, the first results are now being released,  mostly represented by study cases. Some of the studies have been presented during the Dakar policy seminar in June 2014 which involved several  West African policy makers.  Furthermore, individual papers were presented during various seminars and were also submitted to international journals.

Poverty multidimensionality is not  subject of question. It is  applied directly to new cases (e.g. Indian states). However, its measurement with one single index (Multidimensional Poverty Index) is criticized for not being a relevant indicator for policy makers. The Nopoor project collects new information (original data collection, work on database…) in many domains and adopts a variety of approaches to better apprehend the causes and mechanisms of poverty. It should contribute to better understand poverty in the XXIst century and to improve the efficiency of policies on poverty reduction.

8:30-9:00            Registration and coffee
9:00-9:30            Opening session and welcome remarks: European Commission
                              9:15-9:30            Project overview: On the NOPOOR’s project objectives at mid-term,
                                                           Xavier Oudin, Scientific coordinator, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement- Université Paris-Dauphine (IRD-DIAL), France
9:30-10:40         SESSION 1
                                9:30-9:35              Presentation of the topic: Poverty dynamics,
                                                                Jean-Philippe Platteau, Université de Namur (UNamur), Belgium, WP3 leader (5mn)
                                9:35-9:50              How the quality of employment in Chile affects social outcomes? (clic here to get the article) 
                                                               PPT available on the bottom of this page     
                                                               Kirsten Sehnbruch, Universidad de Chile (UChile) (15mn)
                                9:50-10:05            Living conditions after the Haiti’s earthquake: challenges, results and lessons (clic here to get the article) 
                                                                          PPT available on the bottom of this page
                                                               Claire Zanuso, François Roubaud, Javier Herrera, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement- Université Paris-Dauphine (IRD-DIAL), France
                                10:05-10:40         Discussion
10:40-11:00          Coffee break
11:00-13:00          SESSION 2
                                11:00-11:05         Presentation of the topic: International aid,
                                                               Rainer Thiele, Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW), WP4 leader (5mn)
                                11:05-11:20         Recipient governance and the delivery of aid through non-state actors (clic here to get the article) 
                                                               PPT available on the bottom of this page     
                                                               Rainer Thiele (IfW) (15mn)
                                11:20-11:50         Discussion
                                11:50-11:55         Presentation of the topic: Impact of globalisation and international migration on poverty,
                                                               Joao Saboia, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), WP5 leader (5mn)
                                11:55-12:10         Industrial Regional Decentralization and Poverty in Brazil (clic here to get the article) 
                                                               PPT available on the bottom of this page     
                                                               Joao Saboia (UFRJ) (15mn)
                                12:10-12:25         Migrants' Home Town Associations and Local Development in Mali (clic here to get the article)  
                                                               PPT available on the bottom of this page     
                                                               Lisa Chauvet, Flore Gubert, Marion Mercier, Sandrine Mesplé-Somps (IRD-DIAL) (15m)
                                12:25-13:00         Discussion
13:00-14:00       Lunch break (sandwich buffet)
14:00-15:30       SESSION 3
                WP6       Exclusion in urban contexts
                               14:00-14:05           Presentation of the topic: Inclusion/exclusion in labour markets and urban contexts context,
                                                                Martín Benavides, Grupo de Analisis para en desarrollo Association (GRADE), WP6 leader (5mn)
                               14:05-14:20           The contextual and individual level effects on domestic violence in poor neighborhood (ongoing)
                                                                PPT available on the bottom of this page
                                                                Martín Benavides, (GRADE) (15mn)
                               14:20-14:40           Discussion
                               14:40-14:45          Presentation of the topic: Education and social protection to alleviate poverty
                                                               Patrizio Piraino, University of Cape Town, WP7 leader (5mn)
                               14:45- 15:00         Education and Social Mobility in Urban India (ongoing)
                                                               PPT available on the bottom of this page  
                                                               Ashwini Deshpande, Delhi School of Economics (15mn)
                               15:00-15:15          Comparing the cash transfer program Oportunidades in Mexico to an alternative program of Earned Income Tax Credit (ongoing)
                                                               PPT available on the bottom of this page  
                                                               Araceli Ortega, Instituto Tecnologico y de estudios superiors de Monterrey (ITESM) (15mn)
                               15:15-15:40          Discussion
15:40-16:00         Coffee break
16:00-16:45         SESSION 4
                               16:00-16:05         Presentation of the topic: States and political systems,
                                                              Lisa Chauvet, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD-DIAL), WP8 member of the Coordination team (5mn)
                               16:05-16:20         The Politics of Poverty Reduction Policies (ongoing)
                                                              PPT available on the bottom of this page  
                                                              Jann Lay and Marina Dodlova, German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) (15mn)
                               16:20-16:45         Discussion
16:45-17:45       SESSION 5: Management and dissemination
                             16:45-16:55          Dissemination: Ina Ivanceanu, OIKODROM (10mn)
                             16:55-17:05          The management of the Nopoor project
                                                             Delia Visan, Project Manager, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement - Université Paris-Dauphine (IRD-DIAL) (10mn)
                             17:05-17:20         Discussion
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