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About the CDE

The Centre for Development Economics (CDE) was set up in 1992 with a generous grant from the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, as a research adjunct at the Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, to provide better research facilities to the faculty and students. It is a non-profit organisation that supports research in all areas of Economics.

CDE key staff members

Ashwini Deshpande is Professor of Economics at the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India. Her PhD and early publications have been on the international debt crisis of the 1980s. She has been working on the economics of discrimination and affirmative action issues, with a focus on caste and gender in India, as well as on aspects of the Chinese economy: role of FDI in the reform process, regional disparities and gender discrimination. She is the recipient of the VKRV Rao Award for Indian economists under 45 for the year 2007.

Rohini Somanathan’s interests lie at the intersection of Development Economics, Public Economics and Political Economy. A major strand in her research explores mechanisms through which public institutions and community behaviour influence patterns of mobility and group inequality. This includes work on the politics of caste identities in India and racial segregation in the United States.. Anirban Kar is an associate Professor of Economics at the Delhi School of Economics. He specialises in microeconomic theory and development economics. Deepti Goel is an Assistant Professor who is a labour economist.


CDE has hosted several national and international projects on the topic of poverty led by different faculty members over the years. Details:

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