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About the VASS 

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) which is descended from the Research Department for History-Geography-Literature was established on December 2, 1953 during the French war in Vietnam. Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences is a government agency that functions studies of basic issues in the fields of social sciences, providing scientific evidences for the Party and the State in developing guidelines, strategies, plans, and policies in order to serve a fast and sustainable socialist-oriented development of the country. The Academy’s performance also involves post-graduate training in the social sciences as well as making contribution to the development of social sciences of the country.


Led by IRD, the European NOPOOR project "Enhancing knowledge for renewed policies against poverty” involves more than one hundred researchers from 20 universities and research centres in 17 countries over a five-year period. NOPOOR is the most important research programme funded by the European Union helping fight poverty in developing countries in the coming years. The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences is the Vietnamese partner of this project.

VASS key staff members

NGuyenProf. Nguyen Thang, the Director of CAF, has research interest and expertise in the areas of trade, employment, social protection, poverty and macroeconomics. He is the technical leader of numerous research projects on trade, poverty, employment and social protection.

Le Thuc Duc, PhD in Economics, Head of Section for Economic Forecasting at CAF. Mr. Duc has good experience in applied econometrics and macroeconometric forecasting. He has been the Principal Investigator of Young Lives in Vietnam for several years and for that position, has been involved in Data analysis, and local survey network development.

Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong is a researcher of CAF. She has recently coordinated the project on rapid assessment of impacts of global economic crisis on Vietnamese firms, workers and households, which have been conducted repeatedly in three rounds since the early 2009.

Le Dang Trung, currently a Ph.D. candidate in Copenhagen University, has areas of expertise in poverty assessment, inequality analysis, labour market development, and governance. In addition, he has been working on microeconomic issues including household welfare, finance, risk management.

Nguyen Viet Cuong, Ph.D in Development Economics, has extensive experience in monitoring and impact evaluation, poverty analysis and measurement, microfinance. As a part-time researcher, he has years working on poverty dynamics and inequality focused studies.

Vu Hoang Dat, has areas of expertise in poverty assessment and productivity analysis. He has been also working on a number of other topics including impacts of shocks at household level, impacts of trade facilitation on export, and employment generation. He has worked on poverty dynamics in Vietnam for a number of years. In addition, He has gained rich experiences in conducting surveys during his work at Young Lives project in Viet.

Tran Ngo Minh Tam, has extensive experience in poverty and poverty reduction, social protection assessment, labour, employment and migration analyses. She has been also working on microeconomic issues such as market integration and technical efficiency.

Tran Thi Lan Anh works as the Vice Head of International Corporation Department under VASS. She is the focal point of the poverty assessment and human development projects at VASS.


Since 2005, VASS has implemented two rounds of Vietnam’s poverty assessment, under which both quantitative analysis of household surveys, industrial censuses etc. and participatory poverty assessment of qualitative nature were conducted. In particular, VASS researchers have done studies on poverty dynamics on the basis of a three-way panel data from household surveys VHLSS 2002, 2004 and 2006, and prepared a background paper on governance. CAF researchers have also worked on issues related to education and social mobility through a long-term international project “Young Lives” (see below).

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