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EU Policy Brief No. 2: The new European Agenda on Migration: what can be learnt from recent academic research?

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This EU Policy Brief overviews the recent accumulated knowledge relating to each one of the three objectives presented by the European Commission in the European Agenda on Migration.  The aim is to provide research insights on both their relevance and the possible ways of achieving them. It starts with a synthesis of what is known about the global migration scenario for the future and about the attractiveness of Europe as compared to other regions. It then draws upon the burgeoning literature on remittances to discuss ways of channelling them towards more productive use in migrant source countries. It ends with a discussion on the links between migrants’ integration and rights and development.

Please find here the contribution of NOPOOR to the Valletta summit on Migration and Development. Dr Fatou Cissé from CRES (Consortium Pour la Recherche Economique et Sociale), partner of the NOPOOR project, participated in the civil society dialogue where she discussed and gave a presentation on “The impact of remittances on development: the case of West Africa” as part of the discussion on: “Shedding light on the positive role of migrants and migration”. Learn more about this event here

This European Policy Brief is also available on the European Commission website here

Image: © IRD - Marie-Noëlle Favier