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Research for Change

"Together against poverty"

New Topics, Original Surveys

Nopoor generates new knowledge from original surveys, existing databases and qualitative empirical work. The researchers collect a multitude of new data on a wide range of topics — from electronic voting to the quality of employment to the effects of globalization on poverty. The output is based on a mix of quantitative and qualitative analyses and fore­casting activities, going far beyond standard analyses of poverty.

The project also provides a broad geographical perspective to look new empiri­cal evidence and case studies on poverty from 21 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Identifing the aspects of successful policies against poverty in some countries, Nopoor aims to provide new and accurate analyses to see if those policies also work in another part of the world. Our aim is to explain the increase, decrease, or persistence of poverty.

Research Philosophy

  • A forward looking perspective on how to reduce poverty
  • Strong connection and contact with political institutions and national organizations around the globe
  • Focus on political and institutional factors explaining poverty
  • New knowledge for policy makers dealing with poverty, labor issues, social programs, and education

6 main areas of research

Market exchanges in Bangalore city, India